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by Matthew Rusling

WASHINGTON Cheap Martin Jones Jersey , March 30 (Xinhua) -- While U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is still leading the race to her party's nomination, the difficulty she's been having with rival Senator Bernie Sanders underscores a disenfranchised and angry electorate.

Sanders racked up surprise wins Saturday in the states of Washington, Hawaii and Alaska, riding the wave of anti-establishment feeling that is prevalent not only in the Republican Party but among Democrats as well.

"There are a significant number of disenfranchised folks on the left, and the popularity of Bernie Sanders in this primary cycle is testament to that Cheap Joonas Donskoi Jersey ," Dan Mahaffee, an analyst with the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, told Xinhua.

This is fueled by the perception that while she is a Democratic standard bearer, Clinton is part of the "business-as-usual" politics that the disenfranchised on both the left and right are tired of, Mahaffee said.

"The unfavorable rate for Hillary comes from this perception that she is part of 'established politics' and that electing her would not bring about significant change for the country Cheap Joe Pavelski Jersey ," he added.

Indeed, while much has been made in the media of Republican Party front-runner Donald Trump's high negative ratings, Clinton's negative ratings are nearly as high.

Just last week, a CBS poll showed that the two candidates have the highest unfavorable ratings since 1984, when CBS began asking the question.

Trump has favorable ratings of 24 percent Cheap Brent Burns Jersey , with 57 percent of voters who view him unfavorably, and Clinton scored a 31 percent favorable rating and a 52 percent unfavorable rating.

While Clinton is still in the lead, and most experts still believe she will clinch the nomination, she has a number of factors that bode ill for her.

"Given the perception that Washington could use new leadership, the idea that the United States could end up with a stretch of presidencies going Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Clinton is not in Clinton's favor Cheap Logan Couture Jersey ," Mahaffee said, referring to three past presidencies that have been either held by one of the Clinton family or Bush family.

"Furthermore, many on the left see her as being too close to Wall Street and too interventionist in foreign policy, while many on the right and some independents have a distaste for the scandals that have accompanied the Clinton name," he said.

Republican strategist Ford O'Connell said there is a sense of disenfranchisement on both sides of the isle. While brash real estate billionaire Donald Trump leads the Republican Party on his anti-establishment message Cheap Joe Thornton Jersey , Sanders' popularity also stems from a sense of disillusionment with Washington elites.

"A lot of what is going on on the right is also going on on the left," O'Connell told Xinhua. "A good number of Democrats are not thrilled with establishment politics either. It's why a protest candidate like Sanders keeps hanging around."

Brookings Institution's senior fellow Darrell West told Xinhua that Hillary Clinton has high negatives because of the many controversies surrounding her three decades of public service.

"A number of voters don't trust her and feel that she is ethically challenged. In the current climate, some Democratic voters believe she is too close to Wall Street interests and can't be counted upon to help the working class. They see her as out of touch with basic grass-roots sentiments in the country," said West. "Her candidacy reinforces public frustration with politicians because the average person has not done well economically over the past 30 years. They worry that she will not change the status quo."

Disenfranchised Democratic voters could make it difficult for Hillary Clinton in her race for the nomination, and make it increasingly challenging to unify the Democratic Party Wholesale San Jose Sharks Jerseys , experts said.

"Her high negatives mean that it will be difficult to close down the nominating contest with Sanders. The more voters feel her nomination is inevitable, the more they will wage a protest vote for Sanders in order to let her know they are not happy with her performance. This will make it more difficult for her to unify the party around her," West said.

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MEXICO CITY Teuvo Teravainen Womens Jersey , May 27 (Xinhua) -- Latin America needs a new formula to achieve sustainable development, said a regional meeting before ending here on Friday.

The 36th session of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) highlighted ""for a new political economy -- a new equation between the state, the market and society -- and new international and national coalitions.""

""The dominant development pattern (in Latin America) is unsustainable,"" ECLAC Executive Secretary Alicia Barcena told participants at the five-day gathering.

The traditional development model applied in Latin America is not working, said Barcena Jaccob Slavin Womens Jersey , citing reduced growth rates that in recent decades have not exceeded 2 percent, the worst trade statistics in eight years, and insufficient investment in human capital, research and development, along with persistent poverty Victor Rask Womens Jersey , income disparity and now vulnerability to climate change.

""To confront these challenges, we propose a progressive structural change that increases the incorporation of knowledge in the economies. New coalitions, new institutions and public-private alliances are required,"" Barcena said.

""Our proposal for a new development pattern is political, not technical. The horizon is equality Scott Darling Womens Jersey , the progressive structural change is the path and politics (is) the instrument,"" she added.

ECLAC's proposals are contained in its report ""Horizons 2030: Equality at the Center of Sustainable Development.""

The report aims to help Latin America ""reduce economic, social and environmental imbalances that affect the region today in order to achieve development based on equality and sustainability,"" and reach UN-designated development goals by the year 2030.

One of the main challenges to the 2030 agenda is that ""the means of implementation...is not supported by an institutional framework or effective or sufficient global governance,"" the report says Elias Lindholm Womens Jersey , calling for ""policies capable of advancing the sustainable development goals.""

To that end, Mexican Finance Minister Luis Videgaray, who attended Thursday's session, said the Mexican government agreed with the diagnosis presented by the report, but believed more competitive markets would help drive development.

""We should make our markets more open Brock McGinn Womens Jersey , so that there is competition, and more inclusion, so that all the population receive its benefits,"" he said.

""As ECLAC says in its document, we need to foster inclusive growth and new dynamic public-private associations. New contracts must be generated Sebastian Aho Womens Jersey , a new relation between both sectors,"" said Mariana Mazzucato, professor of Economics of Innovation at the Science Policy Research Unit of Britain's University of Sussex.

She also defended the role of the state in the generation of public policies and in preventing failures that could be created by the market, as well as in encouraging alliances with the private sector.

Ministers and representatives from the ministries of finance, economy Justin Williams Womens Jersey , planning, energy, trade, social development and foreign affairs from the ECLAC countries debated the contents of the report during the last two days of the session.

" "

ALGIERS, June 12 (Xinhua) -- The Algerian capital on Sunday held the 3rd Algeria-U.S. meeting on security, as instability hitting the Sahel region, including Libya and Mali, was in the agenda of the discussions.

The meeting was co-chaired by Algerian Minister for Maghreb Affairs, the African Union and the Arab League, Abdelkader Messahel, and the Coordinator for Counter-terrorism at the U.S. Department of State, Justin Siberell.

""Algeria plays a leading role in the region and has always worked for stability,"" Siberell told reporters after the meeting.

The U.S. official hailed Algeria's ""leadership"" in counter-terrorism, recalling that this North Africa nation is a founding member of the Global Counter-terrorism Forum (GCTF).

The meeting was ""very interesting and fruitful"" as members of the two delegations discussed several issues, particularly the recent developments in the region and the ""strong"" cooperation between the both countries in security and the fight against terrorism.

""We are seeking to further strengthen this very strong partnership in the future, through seizing every opportunity like we did today through very interesting discussions,"" Siberell said.

For his part, Abdelkader Messahel said ""We have shared analysis and have had extensive discussion about our experiences in the fight against terrorism.""

""We have also exchanged views on international strategy against terrorism which is a global threat and requires a global response,"" he said.

Messahel said the unstable security situation in Mali and Libya was on the agenda of this meeting, as he urged to restore peace in these two neighboring nations.

The peace process underway in Libya must be completed and it is necessary to enable the national unity government to play its role.

As for Mali, Messahel called upon Malians to make further efforts to fulfill and make their underway peace process a success. Enditem


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Is my girlfriend being unfaithful on me? If you’ve got to request that issue then there is certainly really good possibility that you will be completely suitable. If you will be obtaining these lousy thoughts Radek Faksa Womens Jersey , odds are you may have skilled or noticed actions or behaviors which have caused these alarms to go away from with your head.

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Is my girlfriend cheating on me? You will discover way to figure out!

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4. Before you embark on an international trip, contact your credit card issuer to notify them of your plans. Provide the issuer with information regarding the specific countries and cities that you plan to visit. This prevents unnecessary triggering of safety features that will cause your card to be declined at an international point of sale.

5. Be sure to pick hotels that are centrally located and have easy access to transportation. Before you book your room, ask about security measures. When you enter your room, check to make sure the locks on your windows and doors work properly. Don’t open your door without checking to see who is there Alexander Radulov Jersey , and don’t let strangers come into your room.

6. Consider asking your family doctor for a referral to a travel specialist before you travel. A travel medicine specialist is trained in the types of medications you need before you visit a specific area in the world. They can provide needed vaccines and medications for you to take, such as anti-malarial pills, and will know better than a family doctor what the rules are.

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BEIJING, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- As Xi Jinping attends an international climate change conference in Paris this week, the world has become familiar with the "Chinese Dream" development concept that he first proposed three years ago.

Since President Xi first used the concept on Nov. 29 Alex Tuch Youth Jersey , 2012 in Beijing, it has changed the lives of 1.3 billion people and resonated with the world's common aspiration of development.

"Nowadays, everyone is talking about the Chinese Dream," he said at the time. "In my view Nate Schmidt Youth Jersey , realizing a great renewal of the Chinese nation is the country's greatest dream."

Sixty-six years ago, when the People's Republic of China was founded, the nation had endured social turbulence, foreign aggression and wars dating back to 1840.

Despite all this suffering impeding the country's development Jonathan Marchessault Youth Jersey , Chinese people have never stopped pursuing their dream of a better future.

Through decades of hard work, China, now the world's second-largest economy, is aiming to reach its "two centenary goals" -- doubling the 2010 GDP and per-capita income of urban and rural residents and completing the building of a moderately prosperous society by 2020; and building a modern socialist country that is prosperous Brad Hunt Youth Jersey , strong, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious by the middle of this century.


During the past three years, Xi has mentioned "Chinese Dream" countless times in his public speeches as well as interviews.

And the term can be heard and seen in every corner of this country William Karlsson Youth Jersey , as it has chimed with ordinary Chinese so full of aspirations.

"The Chinese Dream is after all a dream of the people. We can fulfill the Chinese Dream only when we link it with our people's yearning for a better life," Xi said in a speech on Sept. 22 during his visit to the United States.

In the past three years, China has kept its people's average income increasing faster than economic growth. Reforms in areas concerning people's interests and social justice, such as college entrance exams David Perron Youth Jersey , household registration, social security and price formation, have had great effect.

Since late 2012, thousands of corrupt officials Luca Sbisa Youth Jersey , including high-ranking "tigers" and lowly "flies," have been nabbed, showcasing China's commitment to combat corruption and build a clean government, which serves the long-term interests of the country's development and all Chinese people.

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